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She Shed Dreams: 3/4 Of A Paint Job

I started this paint job in the beginning of February and it should've taken me 2 days tops to finish, but no. I started feeling sluggish and achy but figured it was a cold and I'd shake it off. I felt worse after a few days so I went to the Minute Clinic. They thought I had strep throat and gave me some antibiotics. When I still felt bad a week later, I went to the doctor and it was the flu and I was no good for a week. I got better, and thought I would head back out to my shed, but a few days later, I woke up feeling so sick. Turns out, I had norovirus and was down for another full week. (If you're new here, let me bring you up to speed. I have ulcerative colitis, my immune system is weakened because of it, so I catch whatever is going around.) I eventually got better, but my house was a hot fiery mess because my poor husband had to take on 100% of the work/home/kids responsibilities for almost 3 whole weeks, while waiting on me hand and foot. Instead of hanging in my shed, I had to catch up on chores around the house. I'm all caught up and FINALLY, I was able to go back out to my shed to work.

I decided to finish up my paint job even though it was raining, completely overcast and cold. I'm a big fan of hearing the rain on the roof so it was pretty relaxing. I listen to SZA on repeat and zone out. I didn't need to tape, so the job went pretty quickly. A few coats of Valspar paint and primer in 1 in a satin finish and the old dusty plywood was clean and fresh looking. I used chip brushes first to get in the corners and nap rollers to fill in the rest of the panels. I painted three sides of the shed and by the time I got finished the 3rd side, the 1st wall was dry enough to do the second coat. I did 3 coats of paint to cover any dark stains on the walls.

***If you're sprucing up a space that's old and smells, leave a bag of charcoal open in the room for as long as you can. The charcoal absorbs the odor and helps purify the air.***

Bare Plywood Walls and 2x4 Studs

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