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She Shed Dreams: 1/4 Of A Paint Job

Today’s job was a fun one for me but pretty tedious. I’m eager to get working on the pretty stuff, so I decided to keep my focus on this side of the shed, finish it, then move on to another wall. Normally, I’d do the whole taping job, then move on to the whole paint job, the whole unscrewing job etc. I like the freedom that comes with working in this shed. Whatever I feel like working on when I wake up, that’s what I do.

I started by taping all the edges of my freshly stained work table with Blue Painters Tape . I taped underneath the table too because I want it to be a finished look and not messy underneath. I’m not careful enough to use an angled brush to cut in paint, so it pays for me to take the time to tape everywhere that the table and wall meet. I used blue painters tape and made sure to fold it all the way over the edges so I could paint into the corners without getting any paint on the table.

To cover the table, I used an old newspaper I had lying around. I unfolded the sheets and laid the big pieces down first. Using the blue tape, I layered smaller pieces over the large pieces to fill in any gaps. Newspaper is easy to use because it’s free and can be torn to fit any size space and all of those little awkward angles. I made sure to tape the newspaper in enough places so that it wouldn’t move while I was leaning and sitting on the table to paint up high. I also made sure to tape the paper underneath the table so the wind wouldn’t blow the paper onto the wet wall.

I removed all of the shelving, lights, screws and exhaust fan the previous owner added. I never throw things away so I’m sure I’ll find a use for all of that stuff. I painted the walls with some old white paint I’ve had in the garage since we moved in here 5 years ago. It’s Valspar latex interior paint and primer in one. Did you know paint has a shelf life of 10-15 years? If you close the paint can tightly, you can just shake it up and use it over and over. Mine didn’t have film on the top when I opened it but if it does, you can just take off the film with a stir stick and use it. I used a chip brush to paint the corners and edges first, then a small roller brush to fill in the rest of the wall and ceiling. I prefer to use nap rollers because the foam ones soak up so much of the paint, you have to refill your brush too often. The first coat was sucked up by the raw wood. I did a second coat 30 minutes later and it covered the wood completely.

This is after the first coat of paint.

This is after the second coat of paint.

My last step was to fill the gap between some of the ceiling boards and holes the previous owner drilled for all of the accessories he added. The product I used is called Great Stuff. I followed the instructions on the bottle, let it cure over night and scraped it off the next day. It covered easily with paint. I’m hopeful that will help with keeping the temperature regulated and the bugs out!

I added some pretty things and done. Details on the pretty things coming soon! Thanks for hanging with me and please subscribe to my mailing list to be notified when I post updates to my She Shed!

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