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Easy Farmhouse Sign DIY

Hi! Here’s a quick and easy farmhouse sign you can do at home today. This is a great project to do with small children because it’s fool proof and requires no tools.

Head over to the Dollar Tree and choose your favorite peel and stick decal. They’re translucent so you can stick them to virtually anything. They’re normally hanging in the automotive section.

I chose to use a picture frame I already had but wasn’t using. This 8x10 one was perfect because the light wood went well with the other decor in my entryway. You can paint a frame you already have, or pick one up from they Dollar Tree since you’re already there.

To add extra laziness to this project, I didn’t even bother grabbing a paint brush or white piece of paper. I just stuck the decals to the back of the picture that was already in there. I told you this was an easy one! You can use a white sheet of paper or you can paint the cardboard insert that comes in the frame white.

The first and last step is to stick the decals onto the white background. You can place them however you want on the page, especially if there are a lot of stickers in your pack. I chose to place them similarly to the picture on the package but I put the branches in a different spot to fit my frame. That’s it! Here’s how it turned out and here’s how it looks in my entryway.

If you make it, tag me on Instagram @doneinadaymom!

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