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How To Nail Picture Day + Good Will Challenge

With school picture day approaching, I was asked by 2 moms to suggest outfits for little ones. My answer was simple and fool proof.

1. There's no need to run to the store-Shop your closet for the perfect fall picture day outfit. If there's a special dress or outfit your little one only wore to that wedding that one time, throw it on them and send them to school. It'll make a great picture for holiday cards or frame them and give as gifts to grandparents.

2. Keep it simple- There's nothing worse than a busy and cluttered background in a professional picture but for some reason, they always plop the kids in front of those "scenic" seasonal backdrops. To avoid clashing, go for a monochromatic look. A solid color dress or top with a subtle pattern, add neutral pants or tights and it will go with any background. Your perfect angel's awkward smile will be the highlight of the picture!

3. Accessorize Sparingly- Look, Maci has worn a bow every single day since she arrived on this earth so accessorizing is life. Picture day is no different but we I normally use just one bow or clip and black hair elastics. All those colorful balls look great in person but are just too busy for a picture. 

4. If you have to shop, challenge yourself to buy second hand- I'm a big fan of Goodwill and recently created a family look from secondhand shops and Goodwill finds. You can find all your favorite brands and the best thing is, Goodwill categorizes their clothes by color so it's super easy to shop once you have a look in mind. 

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Here's the look that I came up with for some family pictures at the Pumpkin Patch.

Leo's outfit is an OshKosh shirt from a consignment sale and hand me down Gap jeans from my sister's 3 boys. 

My dress is from Goodwill. A brand new $40 Forever 21 dress with tags on it for $3.79

Alex's outfit from Goodwill is Target's Xilleration brand and cost $6 all together.

Maci's outfit from Goodwill is OshKosh and cost $2.79. It had a red bow on it and I swapped it for one if hers that matched the rest of the family. 

Leo was happy with his thrifted outfit :) opinionated and had a full meltdown when I put her dress on her. She didn't want to wear it so I gave her a white top and denim skirt that we already had and she said "Ya, that's better Mommy". 

Savaan's dress is from Old Navy. We had it already and it matched our theme so no need to buy something else for her. 

Here is Maci's approved outfit. The skirt is OshKosh, we got it last year from a consignment shop 

So, I'm a little fancy for the pumpkin patch but I wanted to wear a dress in our pictures. I'll probably pair this dress with leggings in the future.

Al wanted to wear jeans and a t-shirt (because that's what he was currently wearing). I begged him to find any shirt that wasn't a t-shirt. I hoped he'd find a nice oxford or sweater but he came down in this shirt and like any other mom/wife, I just couldn't handle another negotiation! 

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