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DIY Magnolia Wreath

I love all things farmhouse inspired and would happily pack up and buy a 100 year old farmhouse (sans animal care and ghosts from the last 100 years), if I could only convince my husband. Since that's clearly one of those battles you know you wont' win, I settle with farmhouse decor in my very traditional home. The great thing about farmhouse decor is it can be added to just about any style of home. Little bits of farmhouse decor are industrial, some bits are fancy, some bits are rustic.

I've recently wanted to add a magnolia wreath to my home decor. I love a little natural element thrown into decor and they're all over Pinterest. So I pulled on my boots, got out my shears and walked out to our side yard to cut some branches. If you love this look and you're feeling handy, check out your neighbor's yard or the business park of your doctor's office. You might want to ask before you go walking into your neighbor's yard though!

If you'd rather buy than DIY, check these out.

-Pottery Barn



-Hobby Lobby

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(a reminder to my mom, who is great at lots of things, computers not being one of them)

I grabbed my basket and went out to our neglected and overgrown side yard.

I used an old grapevine wreath I had and pulled out all of the greenery that was in it.

I started with the first layer towards the outside, one leaf at a time, all going the same direction. Then I added small branches to the inside to fill in the gaps.

I ended up with a clean and simple wreath from the end of August until mid September.

About 3 weeks in, it was still green.

When the calendar read Friday, September 22 and the haters couldn't hate on my love for fall, I promptly swapped the magnolia wreath for one with pumpkins and leaves! The leaves were dried and brown so I added a few burlap flowers and hung it in my entryway.

Tag me on Insta if you make it @doneinadaymom. Happy Fall Y'all!

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