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How I lost ALL of My Baby Weight

First off, I feel like I shouldn't really call it baby weight because Maci is 2 now. Technically it's baby weight, even if it's 10 years later if you gained it while you were growing or caring for a baby, right? Today's post is all about my weight loss, how I stayed motivated and my tips for any mom who's trying to lose weight. I am 5'3 and always weighed between 145 and 150lbs, before I got pregnant with Maci. I weighed 178 lbs when I delivered Maci via C-section.

This is the last picture I took pregnant and I carried Maci to 41 weeks so I'm pretty sure I was a tad bigger than this.

I started wearing a hospital girdle right after delivery. They are adjustable, so as you get smaller, you can pull it tighter. When that one got too loose, after 2 few weeks, I wore this one in the picture. On my birthday, 1 month after delivery, I was still healing from the C-section, I was wearing a medical grade, postpartum corset, a stretchy skirt and a peplum top to help disguise my belly! I am a huge proponent of a girdle after a C-section because they support your back and belly as your muscles get stronger. I have Diastis Recti (ab separation after pregnancy), and these girdles were perfect for helping close the separation. *The girdle didn't fix it, just helped*

After having Maci, I felt ok about the weight loss that happened naturally with breastfeeding. Around 3 months postpartum, I felt healed enough to really want to start working out and loosing weight. Al and I had a cruise planned which was motivation for me. I wanted to feel confident in my bikini and really enjoy my first mommy break! I challenged myself with a bootcamp around the 4 month postpartum mark and had some success before the cruise. I did Burn Bootcamp and I would recommend it to anyone. It was tough going from not working out for a year to a bootcamp but being surrounded by other moms made it completely comfortable. At this point, I didn't change my eating habits because a breastfeeding mama needs

This was my fist day of bootcamp, do you see the fear on my face? On the cruise, I felt confident and comfortable in my bikini at 5 months postpartum!

About a year later, I was basically the same size with a flatter stomach. Maci was 16 months old and I stayed in shaped by pushing her in a stroller around our neighborhood a few times a week. We have a lot of hills and I would power up those suckers but I never ran or jogged. I wasn't trying to change my diet but looking back, I didn't have time to eat as much as I normally did because Maci was so active. I snacked all day and drank tons of water because I was still breastfeeding but never ate huge meals.

A little back story, I've always been a dancer and as a natural extension have dabbled in yoga over the years. A year ago, I decided to take yoga seriously as my best friend was beginning her yoga instructor training. It was a win win, she could practice on me and I got to have one on one yoga sessions! Fast forward to now a year later and I feel great and am back in shape thanks to my bff/yoga instructor Danielle Terrell. I'm so thankful to have gone through this journey with her and it has given us yet another thing to bond over. We hold each other accountable and call each other ugly names when we are slacking lol!

As for my diet, I changed my eating habits but not what I eat. I am not ok with restricting myself from eating the things I love. Instead, I eat whatever I want but a fraction of the portion size that I would normally eat. Although I've always been a semi-healthy eater, I would normally eat way too much in one sitting and end up stuffed, uncomfortable, gassy and bloated. Now, I start with less on my plate and if I want more, I wait 20 minutes and see if I'm still hungry. If I am, I go for it but most of the time, I'm not.

The picture on the left, Maci was 16 months old and I went on a trip with some friends. It was the last time that I breastfed Maci and when I got back, I realized I had to start working out now that I wasn't breastfeeding. The picture on the right is 5 months later after doing yoga about 4 or 5 times a week. My biggest pet peeve used to be my soft, mom arms and now my arms are lean and strong.

I have excess skin and stretch marks on my stomach that isn't going anywhere and I've just had to deal with it and accept it. Maybe later in life, I'll think about getting that skin yanked back into place!

If you'd like more info on yoga, meal plans, how to get started, workout gear, anything, leave a comment and I'll be sure to give you all my "secrets". Also, let me know what you're doing to feel good after having baby, I'd love to hear your stories!

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