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My 32nd Birthday!

I turned 32 on April 4th and I always love to celebrate with family and friends. This year, I wanted to do something really laid back and relaxing so I decided to have a cookout at home. I love making invites so contact me, if you'd like to order invites, thank you cards, announcements etc. It was a perfect chill birthday and I'm so happy I got to spend time with my family and friends. Here's my invite:

My friends and family are so great and they all offered to bring something so Al and I only needed to cook a few things! We ended up making Grilled chicken wings, beef sliders and a fruit salad. My friends and family made potato salad, pasta salad, corn, veggies, chips and dip and banana pudding. Al got me a beautiful cake from my favorite cake shop ,who also did our gorgeous wedding cake. I love the owner and her husband and children work with her, which I think is so sweet.

I also made 4 different drink options for my guests to enjoy. We had lemonade and sweet tea in the double drink dispenser for some refreshing Arnold Palmers. The next drink was Cucumber Limeade in the farmstand dispenser, which was my favorite. Lastly I did infused water with clementines, strawberries and mint in my classic dispenser. I used a desk that I got from Value Village to hold the drinks. I use this desk every time I have parties, it was $20 so I'm sure I've gotten my money's worth!

I used vintage milk bottles as drinkware for the adults and children. I put the bottles in the drawers of the desk for easy access.

We had a little sitting area with string lights around the fire pit (something similar) that turned into a s'mores station that the kids loved.

The string lights on the patio are from Ollie's, I don't love them because the string is white. Every year I buy ferns to hang on the patio, they're my favorite thing to buy in spring. This year, my mom found a great deal at Food Lion. These huge ones were $10 each.

We had fresh popcorn and in shell peanuts for everyone to snack on during the movie.

There's Al on the grill and my nephews and my cousin getting some food. The tablecloths are from my favorite cooking show Pioneer Woman.

We spread out blankets for everyone to get comfy on and watched Incredibles when it got dark out. We have this projector and this outdoor screen.

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